Kitchen, OHS and Food Safety

The Kitchen, OHS and Food Safety subject includes the following topics. Under the supervision and guidance of the training staff students also get the opportunity to implement what they have learned in class when working in the Training Restaurant.

Kitchen Training


  • Introduction, Legislation and Workplace Hygiene procedures

  • Kitchen Equipment (cooking equipment, processing equipment, cleaning and storage)

  • Wet and Dry Cookery (methods and application)

  • Fruit, Vegetables, Grains, Cereals, Pulse and Beans (introduction, preparation and standard techniques)

  • Salads (hot and cold salads, vegetables in cuisines, preparation for fruit and vegetables for menu items)

  • Seeds, Nuts, Herbs and Spices, Vegetable Stock, Soup and Broth, Sauces (identification of ingredients and preparation)

  • Eggs and Farinaceous Menu items (preparation and use)

  • Seaford (identification of fish and shellfish, nutrition, cooking methods)

  • Poultry and Game (cutting, storing and trimming chicken, cooking methods, correct preparation and thawing)

  • Meat (beef, ham, pork, lamb and mutton, cooking methods)

  • Baking (yeast goods and characteristics, cake and fillings preparation and baking, cake variations and standard recipes and methods, cake decoration and presentation, pastries and fillings production and preparation, hot, cold and frozen desserts, cheese varieties)

  • Menu (planing and writing menus, balancing a menu, menu costing, menu production)

Learning to Prepare Spices